Selected Work

this is a video simulation of a web book
the work is located at:

Motions takes human trafficking and contemporary slavery as its focus. Human trafficking is an accelerating form of crime and is a world-wide problem. It is one of the darker outcomes of globalization, the breakdown of the nation-state, and increasing ease of travel.

Static and moving, variable and sequential, the piece presents programmed text, image and music fragments to evoke the subjective experience of enslavement in motion. No single ‘page’ is ever the same, but the work moves forward with a linear progression.

text by Hazel Smith
images and coding by Will Luers 
sound by Roger Dean 

the project is on the web at:

this is a video simulation of a web book
the work is located at:

written, designed and coded by Will Luers

An insomniac writer moves to a small coastal town to investigate the work and disappearance of a cult web artist. Like the subject of his research, he can leave nothing outside the narrative: lists, blog entries, mobile photos, loops, and draft sketches of stories.

This multimedia fiction, in which no single page is ever the same, explores the liminality of the “web book” as a space between abundance and loss, novelty and familiarity, integration and dispersion.



by Will Luers (video) and Roger Dean (sound) 2013 | 6min

Hypnagogia is a state between wakefulness and sleep, in which dream-like impressions may cross the mind.

The video was constructed specifically for the live performance by austraLYSIS (an ensemble of trumpet, piano, and live electronics) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on November 30th , 2013.


Film of Sound

10 minute, single channel video
Artists: Roger Dean, Will Luers and Hazel Smith
an australLYSIS commission

Film of Sound is a semiotic surface, a skin of image and text on the body of sound. Constructed out of collaborative, indeterminate and remix processes, layers and juxtapositions of disparate media hint at a narrative trajectory — a sleeping man, an evening in a hotel room, and a journey across vast and challenging spaces. But the incipient narrative constantly breaks down into disordered memories of violence and repression, undefined threats, splintered subjectivities, analog and digital glitches.


216 Views of the Tokaido Line

2010, 6 min. video loop with generative text

217 Views of the Tokaido Line, a six-minute video loop with generative haiku, is a “digital journal” of traveling Japan on the Tokaido train line (Kyoto-Tokyo). Working against the implicit linearity of the journey (the forward motion of the train) image and text fragments foreground nonlinear processes: loops, speed changes, reversals, spatial montage and random retrieval. The great Japanese travel artists (Basho, Hiroshige and Soseki) are used as models and sources for atomizing experience into discrete and ephemeral jolts of time.

The Walking Man

2009, 10:00 min, single-channel video

“Obstacles become playgrounds, playgrounds obstacles.” An electronic voice comments on a pedestrian’s comic and poetic encounters with the city.
Walking performance by Joel Sugerman
Written, shot and edited by Will Luers

Pixel Glitch Hotel

(made for Mark Amerika’s Remixthebook project)

Mark Amerika’s art and writing practice is for me an invention, a philosophy, a tease, a manifesto and a nudge to remix life’s semiotic debris. So as soon as I saw the source material for the project, the video of his text animations and “lectures”, I knew that I needed to get busy capturing data.

I was in a hotel room, switching channels, thinking these thoughts when I picked up my camera and began recording the surface of the TV. Pixel and glitch aesthetics weaken the spell of the digital image, but open so many unexplored possibilities of language/image construction. This is exactly the space where Mark Amerika works. Post-production is a decomposition and re-compostion, in my case through a randomly generated grid, until a concept, a pattern or design finds its form.

Steam, Light, Grid

2008, 3 min.

Urban drift collage. Audio from (legally) remixed tracks of Eno and Byrne’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.


2007, 3 min. loop

The breaking down of matter, color and pixels.
(music by Nuno Canavarro)


2007, 30 sec. loop

From a nine-part series exploring semi-static or ambient cinema.

Phantom Bench

2007, 10 sec. loop

From a nine-part series exploring semi-static or ambient cinema.

The Necklace

2007, 10 sec. loop

From a nine-part series exploring semi-static or ambient cinema.


2007, 10 sec. loop

From a nine-part series exploring semi-static or ambient cinema.

The Messenger

2007, 10 sec. loop

From a nine-part series exploring semi-static or ambient cinema.

Bee Curious

2007, 2 min. poetic text and video

An encounter on my windshield, along with the thoughts that such ephemeral moments bring about when captured on video.
Alfred Jarry’s philosophy of ‘Pataphysics (a science of the particular, rather that of the general) reminds us of the near infinite “particulars” in daily life that are available to the artist-researcher.

Haystack Rock

2006, single channel 1 min. video

A walk on the Oregon coast, the vast scales of time.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 11.04.11 AM

Torn Maps


Gallery of video actualities and mini-docs.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 9.53.33 PM

The Father Divine Project


An ongoing database documentary about a communitarian and interracial religious group.


Commute Quad

2001, interactive quicktime, generative video

Four-paneled interactive version of commute.



2001, eight one-minute videos

The linear and cylical experience of the urban commuter lends itself to the database structure.


All This

2000, three separate 1 min. videos

My first video on the web. The linear and the cyclical in life processes was the foundation for thinking about narrative and the database.