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Second Thoughts

June 12, 2014 / 0 comments

In my recent projects and with my students in Advanced Multimedia,  I have been experimenting with the excellent skrollr plugin for creating HTML5 web apps, or self-contained but networked “books” for multiple devices.  I like the way vertical scroll animations facilitate a kind of cinematic reading. The duration of a “dissolve”,  for example, can be left to the reader’s navigation speed, as…

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April 14, 2012 / 2 comments

The reason to read Autoportrait is to savor the shocking precision—a guillotine’s—of its rapid cuts between unlike ideas, and to savor the actual information offered about the textures and peculiarities of a specific consciousness. The Prince of Parataxis – by Wayne Koesenbaum “Parataxis” : the juxtaposition of two or more sentences without a conjunction. “I came. I…

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D|N|A Symposium

May 15, 2011 / 0 comments

Just a brief summary of the Database|Narrative|Archive Symposium in Montreal.  I spent last weekend with about 120 others discussing and exploring a range of projects that were mostly non-fiction, interactive and cinema driven.  The scale of the conference was perfect – small enough to weave good conversation, large enough for a range of points of view. Organizers…

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Practices of Construction

May 26, 2010 / 0 comments

This year I have been doing a lot of listening to the now all-inclusive field of “digital media art.” I regularly read the blog HTMLGIANT for insight into how fiction and poetry writers are adapting to the changes digital culture brings to literary form. In a recent conversation between Blake Butler and Matthew Simmons about…

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Signs of Light

May 21, 2009 / 3 comments

click to play iPhone Images from a walk home after a Bruce Connor screening. The twilight blue played with the electric hum of street lights. The magic hour.

A cinema art market?

April 23, 2009 / 2 comments

Digital filmmaker Alejandro Adams, of the original and newer, has organized and posted a self-distribution roundtable. Here is my entry: What if cinema art’s economic model shifted from its traditional show business roots to something resembling the art market and in the process helped reconstruct the economics of art–making in the digital age. That’s…

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