Archives is a video blog I started in about 2003 as a response to Adrian Miles’ vog manifesto. Before rss for video, Youtube and “social media”, video creators around the world began to seek each other out , share thoughts, cinematic expressions and daily recordings.

The community of “video blogging” soon became a free place to mingle cinematically. It was a sandbox, a salon, a resource for tools and techniques. Something new in cinema, online video expression was cinema without show business. A folk cinema.

Show business has since awakened on the web, no doubt, but the language of moving images has already changed, has become post-industrial, and will only grow more complex and interesting as we let go of  cinema as competition for attention (with it’s one-upmanship of professionalism, genre, celebrity) and see it more as a means to create convivial  audio/visual thought spaces .

This blog has been an ever evolving exploration of these changes.

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