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Second Thoughts

June 12, 2014 - cinema / Poetics / Web Books

In my recent projects and with my students in Advanced Multimedia,  I have been experimenting with the excellent skrollr plugin for creating HTML5 web apps, or self-contained but networked “books” for multiple devices.  I like the way vertical scroll animations facilitate a kind of cinematic reading. The duration of a “dissolve”,  for example, can be left to the reader’s navigation speed, as if turning the page of a book triggers a cinematic transition. This cinema poetics, as it relates to networked “web books” and forms of digital publishing, are the subjects of my future blog posts.

Second Thoughts is a reworking (using skrollr) of a short text I created for Adrian Miles‘ iBook multimedia anthology Quickened:A Lyrical iBook For Postindustrial Doing

“Here multimodal and mixed media work have the opportunity to develop the personal intimacies that historically were facilitated by the physical form of the novel (Watt 2010). This has been made literal in Quickened by enframing the work through what can historically be considered a ‘proto-novel’ by inviting contributors to use a passage from the 11th-century Japanese classic The pillow book of Sei Shonagon to document or describe something that quickens their heart. ”
-Adrian Miles (Quickened)



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