Narrative Walks

October 6, 2008 - Locative

Thanks to Dene Grigar, for the month of October I am an Artist-in-Residence at Digital Technology and Culture at Washington State University Vancouver.

I am working with students in an interactive media class to design experiential walks for GPS and video enabled phones. We are using an iPhone app (soon  available) that allows you to trigger media on the phone when entering certain defined locations. All the elements of media and mapping are done in Google Earth, exported as a KML or KMZ file and then imported into the app. Pretty simple.

Here is the class website: Narrative Walks

Locative Media presents some interesting design challenges as most media (books, movies, websites) are made for the sedentary, the body in pause mode. What does it mean to tell a story through space? Is this achitecture? Landscape design? Earth art? Cinema gardening?

Besides exploring the handful of locative media works out there, I will be showing a lot of art vlogs (see under “watching” to the left) as examples of video embedded in the geographic location and daily life of the creator.

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  1. sam renseiw says:

    hello will,
    great project! very interesting, and well set-up course.
    thank you for including patalab on the list. looking foreward to the results!
    best regards